Cut time spent on cold leads by 80% and close deals without hiring more salesforce

Automate & streamline customer acquisition with a 3D calculator and personalized rooftop estimates

All you need is an address, and the rest happens automagically!
Increase conversion & lead quality
Close deals faster
Just sell more

Only work on hot qualified leads & stop losing paying customers to competitors

Reduce Sales Cycle
Cut time from prospect to qualified lead by enabling a self-service customer experience
Do less manual work
Free up more time for hot leads by automating up to 80% of manual work
Increase customer satisfaction
Make it easy for the user to become your customer by making the process simple & personalised

Just let the Rexplorer's smart solar calculator do the hard work for you.

Let us show you how it works, in 10 minutes.

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I will teach how to cut the time spent on cold prospects by 80% and boost your sales up!

Instant 3D solar estimates do magic to your business and time

Enable your leads to get the initial solar potential and price offer within seconds with an interactive 3D model

Instant 3D solar estimates do magic to your business and time

It is super easy to set up, and we help.

Only several lines of code are needed to integrate the tool with your website

It is super easy to set up, and we help.

Our clients love it, and we think you will too! We know it.

We have already helped over 10 companies internationally to streamline their solar sales process

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Our clients are loving the instant 3D visualisations, and now we process the requests 3-4x faster!
Mikelis Visockis
Mikelis Visockis
CEO at Solar Surfers
The smart calculator is an irreplaceable tool for quickly giving customers an initial offer. Whenever someone calls me and asks for a price quote, I tell them to use the calculator. It saves me hours per day.
Matis Kukk
Solar Construction Manager at Solar Wheel OÜ
Reduce your customer acquisition cost
Automate your workflow
Sell more, grow your business.
Partners and technology providers

Pricing, fair and simple.

You only pay when you capture a lead. As simple as that!
monthly leads


per lead
monthly leads


per lead
monthly leads


per lead
monthly leads


per lead
Or pay as you go


per lead
All prices are displayed without VAT. Number of leads means the number of the offer requests that land in your inbox or CRM (visitors who submit the form after getting initial calculations). It’s not number of the searches, so you get only warm leads.
I'll show how you can save time on processing cold leads by 80% and boost your sales up!

Let us show you how it works, in 10 minutes.

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Rex what? Let’s Rexplore!

Our mission is to make solar easy for everyone and to help solar companies grow with confidence.
 With rising demand for solar, companies are spending more & more time processing cold prospects rather than speaking with hot leads. With our calculator, they are able to put their precious time on things that actually matter & grow their business.

We are your ever-evolving sales partner

With us you win more

We constantly improve our software & add new features based on user feedback

Data drives us to more sales

We collect and measure user interactions & provide this valuable analytics to you

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